Drug use risk test

Would you like to find out how risky your drug use is? With this special test called DUDIT, you can check for yourself!

DUDIT gives you an overall assessment of the possible problems and disadvantages related to your drug use. You’ll also get information about where you can turn to in order to get support and help if you want to reduce or stop your drug use.

The test has eleven questions related to your drug use. You’re also asked to tell your sex and age. Please answer the questions as correctly and honestly as possible – otherwise the feedback will make no sense for you. On page 2 you’ll be asked nine voluntary extra questions.

Your answers will be stored in a database only for general statistical reasons. No personal information will be saved nor can you be identified by your answers.

DUDIT is a scientifically validated test and has been being used by many professional drug counsellors for years.


How often do you use drugs other than alcohol?

see list of drugs
Do you use more than one type of drug on the same occasion?
How many times do you take drugs on a typical day when you use drugs?
How often are you influenced heavily by drugs?
In the past year, were you ever unable to resist the urge to use drugs?
In the past year, were you ever unable to stop taking drugs once you had started?
How often over the past year have you taken drugs and then neglected to do something you should have done?
How often over the past year have you needed to take a drug the morning after heavy drug use the day before?
How often over the past year have you had guilt feelings or a bad conscience because you used drugs?
Have you or anyone else been hurt (mentally or physically) because you used drugs?
Has a relative or a friend, a doctor or a nurse, or anyone else, been worried about your drug use or said to you that you should stop using drugs?
What is your sex?
What is your age?
Please answer to all questions in this page first!