About Drughelp

Drughelp is a service for people who use drugs and hope to get a better understanding of the possible harms their drug use may bring about.

The service has been developed by a group of experts working in the field of treatment and harm reduction, and provided by the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe.

Drughelp is based on the Drug Use Disorders Identification Test DUDIT, developed by Dr. Anne H Berman from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. For more information about DUDIT, please visit EMCDDA's DUDIT web page.


Drughelp.eu is a result of a international cooperative effort on the part of:

  • Dr. Višnja Banjac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Dr. Anne H. Berman, Sweden
  • Dr. Ljiljana Ignjatova, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Dr. Dijana Jerkovic and Ms. Lidija Vugrinec, Croatia
  • Mr. Antti Järventaus, Finland
  • Dr. Mira Kovacevic, Serbia
  • Mr. Cristian Oprişan, Romania
  • Mr. Ilias Paraskevopoulos, Greece
  • Dr. Jasna Sekulić, Minstry of Health, Montenegro